Our Beer

Kölsch is our flagship brand and our lightest offering.

Patterned off of German Kölsch that was originally produced in the city of Köln, Germany. Traditionally, this beer was brewed using a portion of the grain as wheat instead of barley.

The aroma is that of cereal grains with a light floral note at the end. Upon drinking, the flavours subtly take over the mouth leaving very little bitterness. There is a noticeably sweet taste that appears just before the carbonation cleans the palate.

This beer is perfect for those experimenting with craft beer for the first time.

  • International Bittering Units = 25
  • Standard Reference Method = 3
  • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.4%

The Raspberry Wheat is a crisp, refreshing beer with just a hint of raspberry flavour. The flavour is not tart but lightly sweet, reminiscent of summer berries.

The Raspberry Wheat is made with premium Canadian 2-row barley and wheat. Just enough imported Czech Saaz hops are added to give a light floral note to compliment the raspberry flavour.

This is an extremely drinkable, crisp, refreshing anytime beer.

  • International Bittering Units = 25
  • Standard Reference Method = 4
  • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.4%

The Wishart’s ESB is in the tradition of a British Extra Special Bitter. ESB’s typically have more flavour, aroma and alcohol than a standard bitter. Our ESB is copper in colour and the nose is a blend of sweet caramel and fruity aromas.

The flavour of this beer is complex. At first taste, sweet caramel and light toffees are overwhelming. As the flavour develops, a mix of fruity, spicy and citrus start to present themselves and eventually take over the sweeter flavours.

The ESB is perfect to pair with traditional English foods such as fish and chips or bangers and mash.

  • International Bittering Units = 32
  • Standard Reference Method = 8
  • % Alcohol By Volume = 5.0

Our most complex beer, the Clocktower Red is brewed with a blend of five different types of malt and two types of hops.

Aside from the rich colour, the malts add varying degrees of sweetness: caramel, chocolate, and toffee can all be found in both the flavour and aroma. Perhaps most interesting is the presence of a nuttiness, that presents itself on the nose and mouth.

The hops used in the Clocktower Red are best characterized as citrus or pine flavours. The citrus and pines notes stick around in the mouth afterwards leaving a very pleasant after taste.

  • International Bittering Units = 43
  • Standard Reference Method = 15
  • % Alcohol By Volume = 5.3%

The Bytown Brown is light drinking beer with complex blend of sweet and roasted malts that leaves you feeling refreshed.

There are seven different types of malt in the Brown that range from coffee, chocolate, toffee and caramel malts. The malts have been well balanced to ensure that one flavour does not dominate your palette.

This is the perfect pint to match with a burger, steak, stew, or pizza.

  • International Bittering Units = 28
  • Standard Reference Method = 17
  • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.8%