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Craft Made in Ottawa Canada

Welcome to the Clocktower!

The Clocktower is where you go to enjoy great beers made in house, fresh original food and an amazing atmosphere. We pride ourselves on using the best available ingredients to produce an upscale pub menu.


  • Kölsch

    Kölsch is our flagship brand and our lightest offering.

    Patterned off of German Kölsch that was originally produced in the city of Köln, Germany. Traditionally, this beer was brewed using a portion of the grain as wheat instead of barley.

    The aroma is that of cereal grains with a light floral note at the end. Upon drinking, the flavours subtly take over the mouth leaving very little bitterness. There is a noticeably sweet taste that appears just before the carbonation cleans the palate.

    This beer is perfect for those experimenting with craft beer for the first time.

    • International Bittering Units = 25
    • Standard Reference Method = 3
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.4%
  • Clocktower Red

    Our most complex beer, the Clocktower Red is brewed with a blend of five different types of malt and two types of hops.

    Aside from the rich colour, the malts add varying degrees of sweetness: caramel, chocolate, and toffee can all be found in both the flavour and aroma. Perhaps most interesting is the presence of a nuttiness, that presents itself on the nose and mouth.

    The hops used in the Clocktower Red are best characterized as citrus or pine flavours. The citrus and pines notes stick around in the mouth afterwards leaving a very pleasant after taste.

    • International Bittering Units = 43
    • Standard Reference Method = 15
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 5.3%
  • Bytown Brown

    The Bytown Brown is light drinking beer with complex blend of sweet and roasted malts that leaves you feeling refreshed.

    There are seven different types of malt in the Brown that range from coffee, chocolate, toffee and caramel malts. The malts have been well balanced to ensure that one flavour does not dominate your palette.

    This is the perfect pint to match with a burger, steak, stew, or pizza.

    • International Bittering Units = 28
    • Standard Reference Method = 17
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.8%
  • Wishart’s ESB

    The Wishart’s ESB is in the tradition of a British Extra Special Bitter. ESB’s typically have more flavour, aroma and alcohol than a standard bitter. Our ESB is copper in colour and the nose is a blend of sweet caramel and fruity aromas.

    The flavour of this beer is complex. At first taste, sweet caramel and light toffees are overwhelming. As the flavour develops, a mix of fruity, spicy and citrus start to present themselves and eventually take over the sweeter flavours.

    The ESB is perfect to pair with traditional English foods such as fish and chips or bangers and mash.

    • International Bittering Units = 32
    • Standard Reference Method = 8
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 5.0
  • Raspberry Wheat

    The Raspberry Wheat is a crisp, refreshing beer with just a hint of raspberry flavour. The flavour is not tart but lightly sweet, reminiscent of summer berries.

    The Raspberry Wheat is made with premium Canadian 2-row barley and wheat. Just enough imported Czech Saaz hops are added to give a light floral note to compliment the raspberry flavour.

    This is an extremely drinkable, crisp, refreshing anytime beer.

    • International Bittering Units = 25
    • Standard Reference Method = 4
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.4%
  • The Porter

    The porter is a dark brown sweet full-bodied beer. There is an initial citrus hop flavor right at the beginning which gives way to chocolate, caramel, and toffee flavors. There is no roast flavor at all.

    The Porter has nitrogen which gives it a full bodied, creamy texture. The nitrogen helps to hold in most of the sweet flavor and aroma until it is drank. It can take a little longer to pour and will have the nice creamy cascade effect like a Guinness.

    The original porter was brown, low in alcohol, and sweet. The porter as a style is a precursor to the more commonly known stout. Porters since that have evolved to become richer, darker, and more alcoholic.

    Our porter is an homage to the original easy drinking beer.

    • International Bittering Units = 25
    • Standard Reference Method = 15
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.5
  • Clocktower WIT

    Clocktower Wit Tasting Notes

    The Clocktower tower wit is our take on a Belgian Style Wit Beer. Unlike other versions, this one is a dark orange in color and has distinctive orange notes at the end. It has orange peel and grains of paradise (cardamom). We have also brought in a special Belgian yeast to give it a true wit flavor. This beer is like nothing we have ever done before.

    The aroma is light and slightly citrus with floral hints. A moderate amount of citrus comes through the flavor with hints of lemons, flowers, and pepper. This beer finishes very clean leaving the drinker r efreshed and ready for more!

    Serve with an orange slice.

    • International Bittering Units = 10
    • Standard Reference Method = 7
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.8
  • Clocktower IPA

    This classic English style beer has a rich caramel color, due to the presence of caramel malt. It has a more complex bitterness than that of the other beers; however it does remain soft and flavorful. Our blend of four hops comes through as grapefruit or citrus notes in the flavour. There are also floral or pine notes but they are not as prevalent.

    In order to balance out the extra addition of hops, the body is richer, fuller and sweeter. There are definitely caramel notes prevalent along with a degree of toffee and toastiness.

    The difference between our IPA and other IPA’s, is that ours is a traditional IPA. IPA’s came about because of a need to keep beer from spoiling during the long voyage from Britain to India. This was accomplished through the addition of hops, which produce a higher alcohol content therby preserving the beer. It is possible for an IPA to be light in color, but it is rare. The extra color and body helps to balance the hops and create a very drinkable beer.

    • International Bittering Units = 50
    • Standard Reference Method = 10
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 5.8
  • Maybock

    This dark golden orange colored ale is a lighter form of a traditional bock.

    Brewing in Germany was outlawed during the warm summer months. Bock’s, in particular, Maibocks would have been some of the last beers to become available until fall.

    Our May-Bock is lighter in colour and flavour. The aroma is reminiscent of light fruit and spring flowers. The main flavors are honey, citrus, spicy pepper, and fruit.

    It is a delicately balanced beer between a strong bitterness and a honey backbone.

    It is initially quite bitter but that dies off somewhat as a sweet, spicy note takes over. The touch of extra alcohol content provides this beer with some extra body.

    • International Bittering Units = 35
    • Standard Reference Method = 6
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 5.5
  • The Clocktower Pumpkin

    The color of this beer is dark orange to amber, which makes this close to the color of roasted pumpkin.

    The flavor and aromas are very delicate. The beer is left to simmer in the mouth for a moment or two, allowing the flavor and aroma to burst forth.

    The aroma is more intense that the flavor. As this beer warms up, more pumpkin and spice flavor will present itself. This beer is best enjoyed a couple degrees warmer. The initial flavor is fairly sweet but that only lasts for a second while the spices fill up the palate. It has very little aftertaste but it does leave a dry tingle afterwards.

    There is real pumpkin in the mash and grains along with our own selection of autumn spices, which are added with the hops in the boil.

    • International Bittering Units = 18
    • Standard Reference Method = 9
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 5
  • Vienna Spring Ale

    This is an authentic Vienna style beer. It was brewed with premium imported malt and hops from Vienna, using the traditional method of German & Austrian brewers. Subsequently, the Vienna takes longer to brew than our other beers.

    The color is a light orange almost golden. It has a pleasant citrus aroma of the nose with hints of caramel. At first taste, the flavors present as citrus and slightly earthy however, a small bit of roast or caramel may appear as well. The bitterness is similar to the ESB, but much more subdued.

    The Vienna contains a unique after taste; it is a flavour that is similar to biscuits or sweet bread. The after taste lingers in the mouth for a moment and then subsides. The body of this beer is very light with high carbonation making it a very refreshing beer.

    • International Bittering Units = 27
    • Standard Reference Method = 6
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 5.0
  • Clocktower APA

    APA stands for August Pale Ale.

    The APA has a bright orange color and a citrus finish.

    The aroma is that of oranges and tropical fruits.

    This is not a bitter beer; the citrus makes this extremely refreshing.

    There is just enough sweet malt in the body to bring balance to the APA

    This beer would pair well with fish and chicken but would not be out of place with a sausage and sauerkraut.

    It also pairs nicely with heavier salads or salads containing fruit.

    • International Bittering Units = 30
    • Standard Reference Method = 8
    • % Alcohol By Volume = 4.5


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